The Institute of Chemical Technology launches its new website

ITQ Estrena su nuevo sitio WebThe Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ) has designed a new website to make available ITQ official information.

The objective of this website is to facilitate useful information about present, past and future events and any other relevant news about chemistry at the ITQ.

The website has seven sections where the user would find useful information about ITQ:

About ITQ.- Briefly explains the objectives and future issues of ITQ and ITQ history since it was founded.

Staff.- You will find the biography of some of the researchers of the ITQ as well as a general directory of the people who work at the ITQ.

Research.- In this section you can have a quick look about the different research lines and all the information about research projects, publications, conferences, patent applications, PhDs, final degree research projects and the prizes awarded to ITQ staff.

Infrastructure.- This section summarizes all the equipment and instruments available at the ITQ.

Postgraduate.- This section describes the Master and Doctorates in which the ITQ is involved, the objectives, the subjects and the necessary requirements including the contact details to be able to apply for.

Job Offers and Scholarship.- You will find Job Offers and different Scholarship to apply for and join us.

Present Day.- You will find the last news about chemistry research and other interesting links.

The new website has been structured trying to make the visitors easily to find any interesting information about ITQ.

Your opinion about this website is important to us, you can send your comments to the following address