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Cobalt nanoclusters coated with N-doped carbon for chemoselective nitroarene hydrogenation and tandem reactions in water

Author: Gutierrez-Tarrino, Silvia; Rojas-Buzo, Sergio; Lopes, Christian W.; Agostini, Giovanni; Calvino, Jose. J.; Corma, Avelino; Ona-Burgos, Pascual

Journal: Green Chemistry DOI 10.1039/d1gc00706h

Year: 2021

Thermal resistance effect on anomalous diffusion of molecules under confinement

Author: Yuan, Jiamin; Liu, Zhiqiang; Wu, Yimo; Han, Jingfeng; Tang, Xiaomin; Li, Chengbin; Chen, Wei; Yi, Xianfeng; Zhou, Jian; Krishna, Rajamani; Sastre, German; Zheng, Anmin

Journal: Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America Vol. 118 DOI 10.1073/pnas.2102097118

Year: 2021

Identification of the active sites in supported subnanometric metal catalysts

Author: Liu, Lichen; Corma, Avelino

Journal: Nature Catalysis DOI 10.1038/s41929-021-00632-y

Year: 2021

Hydrogenation of substituted nitroaromatics on non-noble metal catalysts: mechanistic insights to improve selectivity

Author: Millan, Reisel; Boronat, Mercedes

Journal: Faraday Discussions Vol. 229 p. 297-317 DOI 10.1039/c9fd00126c

Year: 2021

Catalytic Removal of Bromates from Water: A Hands-On Laboratory Experiment to Solve a Water Pollution Problem through Catalysis

Author: Cerrillo, Jose L.; Lopez-Hernandez, Irene; Eduardo Palomares, A.

Journal: Journal of Chemical Education Vol. 98 p. 1726-1731 DOI 10.1021/acs.jchemed.0c01297

Year: 2021

The in vitro assessment of the toxicity of volatile, oxidisable, redox-cycling compounds: phenols as an example

Author: Tolosa, Laia; Martinez-Sena, Teresa; Schimming, Johannes P.; Moro, Erika; Escher, Sylvia E.; Braak, Bas Ter; van Der Water, Bob; Miranda, M. A.; van Vugt-Lussenburg, Barbara M. A.; Castell, Jose, V

Journal: Archives of Toxicology Vol. 95 p. 2109-2121 DOI 10.1007/s00204-021-03036-w

Year: 2021

Isolation and Quantification of miRNA from the Biomolecular Corona on Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles

Author: Vidaurre-Agut, Carla; Rivero-Buceta, Eva Maria; Landry, Christopher C.; Botella, Pablo

Journal: Nanomaterials Vol. 11 DOI 10.3390/nano11051196

Year: 2021

One-Step Chemo-, Regio- and Stereoselective Reduction of Ketosteroids to Hydroxysteroids over Zr-Containing MOF-808 Metal-Organic Frameworks

Author: [Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ)]

Journal: Chemistry-a European Journal DOI 10.1002/chem.202100967

Year: 2021

Single-Site vs. Cluster Catalysis in High Temperature Oxidations

Author: [Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ)]

Journal: Angewandte Chemie-international Edition DOI 10.1002/anie.202102339

Year: 2021

Versatile phosphorus-structure-directing agent for direct preparation of novel metallosilicate zeolites with IFW-topology

Author: Simancas, Raquel; Nishitoba, Toshiki; Park, Sungsik; Kondo, Junko N.; Rey, Fernando; Gies, Hermann; Yokoi, Toshiyuki

Journal: Microporous and Mesoporous Materials Vol. 317 DOI 10.1016/j.micromeso.2021.111005

Year: 2021

Theoretical insight on the treatment of β-hexachlorocyclohexane waste through alkaline dehydrochlorination

Author: Bescós, Alicia; Herrerías, Clara I.; Hormigón, Zoel; Mayoral, José Antonio; Salvatella, Luis

Journal: Scientific Reports Vol. 11 DOI 10.1038/s41598-021-88060-7

Year: 2021

Sustainable production of hydrogen via steam reforming of furfural (SRF) with Co-catalyst supported on sepiolite

Author: Sayas, S.; Da Costa-Serra, J. F.; Chica, A.

Journal: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Vol. 46 p. 17481-17489 DOI 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2020.04.185

Year: 2021

Short-channel mesoporous SBA-15 silica modified by aluminum grafting as a support for CoRu Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts

Author: Mohammadnasabomran, Sophia; Marquez-Alvarez, Carlos; Perez-Pariente, Joaquin; Martinez, Agustin

Journal: Catalysis Science & Technology DOI 10.1039/d0cy02418j

Year: 2021

Separation of an aqueous mixture of 6-kestose/sucrose with zeolites: A molecular dynamics simulation

Author: Bolano Losada, Iria; Grobas-Illobre, Pablo; Misturini, Alechania; Polaina, Julio; Seminovski, Yohanna; Sastre, German

Journal: Microporous and Mesoporous Materials Vol. 319 DOI 10.1016/j.micromeso.2021.111031

Year: 2021

Regioirregular and catalytic Mizoroki–Heck reactions

Author: Garnes-Portoles, Francisco; Greco, Rossella; Oliver-Meseguer, Judit; Castellanos-Soriano, Jorge; Consuelo Jimenez, M.; Lopez-Haro, Miguel; Hernandez-Garrido, Juan Carlos; Boronat, Mercedes; Perez-Ruiz, Raul; Leyva-Perez, Antonio

Journal: Nature Catalysis Vol. 4 p. 293-303 DOI 10.1038/s41929-021-00592-3

Year: 2021

Methyl ketones from carboxylic acids as valuable target molecules in the biorefinery

Author: Marie, Olivier; Ignatchenko, Alexey, V; Renz, Michael

Journal: Catalysis Today Vol. 367 p. 258-267 DOI 10.1016/j.cattod.2020.03.042

Year: 2021

Mechanistic Insight into the Light-Triggered CuAAC Reaction: Does Any of the Photocatalyst Go?

Author: Martínez-Haya, Rebeca; Heredia, Adrián A.; Castro-Godoy, Willber D.; Schmidt, Luciana C.; Marin, M. Luisa; Argüello, Juan E.

Journal: Journal of Organic Chemistry DOI 10.1021/acs.joc.1c00272

Year: 2021

Large area continuous multilayer graphene membrane for water desalination

Author: Presumido, Pedro H.; Primo, Ana; Vilar, Vitor J. P.; Garcia, Hermenegildo

Journal: Chemical Engineering Journal Vol. 413 DOI 10.1016/j.cej.2020.127510

Year: 2021

Influence of boron promotion on the physico-chemical properties and catalytic behavior of Zn/ZSM-5 in the aromatization of n-hexane

Author: Pham Thanh Huyen; Vu Dinh Trinh; Portilla, M. Teresa; Martinez, Cristina

Journal: Catalysis Today Vol. 366 p. 97-102 DOI 10.1016/j.cattod.2020.03.030

Year: 2021

Expanding the photoresponse of multidimensional hybrid lead bromide perovskites into the visible region by incorporation of subphthalocyanine

Author: García-Aboal, Rocío; García, Hermenegildo; Remiro-Buenamañana, Sonia; Atienzar, Pedro

Journal: Dalton Transactions Vol. 50 p. 6100-6108 DOI 10.1039/d0dt04132g

Year: 2021