Master’s in Sustainable Chemistry

The “MÁSTER UNIVERSITARIO EN QUÍMICA SOSTENIBLE” of the UPV is awarded the prize for “Mejor Máster Universitario”

The Master’s Degree in Sustainable Chemistry aims to ensure that students are able to develop new chemical processes that are efficient, economically viable and that are carried out in a way that respects the environment. This will minimize the consumption of energy and raw materials and also reduce the risks associated with the production, handling and use of chemical products necessary for our current life system.

This master’s degree is a reference on a national scale in the fields of Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis. One of the most important research institutes in catalysis in Spain, the Institute of Chemical Technology (UPV-CSIC), participates actively in this master’s degree and allows registered students to complete the Master’s Thesis at their facilities, under the supervision of some of his researchers.