Rey, Fernando

Professor Fernando Rey (1963) received the degree in chemistry at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1986). Their Ph.D. studies were performed at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ) under supervision of Prof. Vicente Fornés obtaining his Ph.D Degree in 1992….

Palomares Gimeno, Antonio Eduardo

E- mail: A. Eduardo Palomares was born in Tavernes de Valldigna (Spain) in 1968. Degree in Chemistry at the University of Valencia in 1990. Ph.D. studies at the Institute of Chemical Technology (Valencia, Spain), during 1990-1994, researching on catalysts…

Blasco, Teresa

Dr. Teresa Blasco studied Chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid. She carried out her PhD studies at the Catalysis and Petroleochemistry Institute in Madrid (CSIC) under the supervision of Prof. J. Soria, and gained her PhD in Chemistry in…

García Alfonso, Inmaculada