Professor Avelino Corma ForMemRS (Royal Society)

Professor Avelino Corma, Research Professor, Instituto de Tecnología Química

Distinguished for his world-leading work on heterogeneous catalysis, thus benefitting society through efficient use of natural resources. He has developed new synthetic principles for the design of acid, base and redox catalysts that not only have advanced our understanding of catalysis but have been widely applied commercially both in the large-scale production of gasoline as well as fine and speciality chemicals.

His design principles for the synthesis of extra large pore zeolites is an exemplar that all others in the field have followed. This molecular-level understanding has been used to design well defined solid acid catalysts for commercial applications in hydrocarbon cracking, alkylation and isomerisation. His work is exceptionally highly cited and he is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering and Academia Europea.

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