ITQ researchers take part in the european project REDIFUEL which aims to produce a new generation of biogenic liquid fuels. April 8

ITQ researchers take part in the REDIFUEL project.

ITQ researchers, in cooperation with other academic institutions, Max Planck Society (Germany), Technical University of Aachen (Germany), Free University of Brussels (Belgium), the Technological Institute VTT (Finland), the Technological Institute OWI (Germany) and the companies FEV (Germany), Uniresearch (The Netherlands), Neste (Finland), MOL (Hungary), INERATEC (Germany) and TEC4FUELS (Germany), participate in the project REDIFUEL.

The major goal of the project is to develop and demonstrate a process for the production of 100% drop-in and biogenic diesel fuels from a wide variety of biomass feedstocks, including wastes. The new biofuels would have a composition enriched in high-cetane oxygenate compounds. Such oxygenate content is expected to confer them with rather unique combustion properties which should enable a significant reduction in the soot and NOx emissions from cargo road transport. ITQ researches, coordinated by Dr. Gonzalo Prieto, contribute to the development of innovative catalytic processes geared at the conversion of biosyngas streams into synthetic hydrocarbons with unconventional compositions, as required to achieve the project’s goal.

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