Influence of Carbon Supports on Palladium Nanoparticle Activity toward Hydrodeoxygenation and Aerobic Oxidation in Biomass Transformations

Base-Controlled Heck, Suzuki, and Sonogashira Reactions Catalyzed by Ligand-Free Platinum or Palladium Single Atom and Sub-Nanometer Clusters

Chemical and Structural Parameter Connecting Cavity Architecture, Confined Hydrocarbon Pool Species, and MTO Product Selectivity in Small-Pore Cage-Based Zeolites

Selective Aerobic Oxidation of Cumene to Cumene Hydroperoxide over Mono- and Bimetallic Trimesate Metal-Organic Frameworks Prepared by a Facile «green» Aqueous Synthesis

Ligand-Functionalization-Controlled Activity of Metal-Organic Framework-Encapsulated Pt Nanocatalyst toward Activation of Water

Spectroscopic Evidence and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Analysis of Low-Temperature Oxidation of Cu to CuNO in Cu-CHA Catalysts: Implications for the SCR-NO Reaction Mechanism

Oxidative degradation of trichloroethylene over Fe2O3-doped mayenite: Chlorine poisoning mitigation and improved catalytic performance