ESR positions are open with ITQ researchers groups. The deadline is extended until January 31, 2020.

Graphene foam incorporating photoactive molecular complexes as photoelectrodes

The ERS will be trained in the preparation and characterization of doped graphenes and graphene-like photoanodes capable of absorbing visible light for oxidation reactions. Then, the immobilization of molecular catalysts supplied by NUIG, UCAm and JM, and the study of their photoelectrochemical properties as photoanodes.

In this project, the main objective is the preparation of nanostructured 3D graphene foams to anchor metal complexes of earth-abundant elements (Co, Fe, Mn, Ni) capable to generate oxygen and hydrogen peroxide from water, or promote organic transformations such as C=C double bond epoxidation and alcohol oxidation to aldehydes and ketones. The purpose of using hybrid 3D photoelectrodes is to obtain high surface area in a small footprint combining the electrical conductivity and striking optoelectronic properties of doped graphenes with high activity molecular catalysts.

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