Díaz Morales, Urbano M.

Tenured Scientist (CSIC)

Tel: +34 96 387 78 11

Urbano Díaz is permanent Scientist of CSIC at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ) from 2004. Born in Valencia, he studied chemistry at the University of Valencia, Spain, gaining his PhD in 2002 under Prof. Vicente Fornés on synthesis and characterization of novel delaminated zeolites. He was subsequently awarded with a post-doctoral European Marie Curie fellowship with Prof. Giusseppe Bellussi at the EniTecnologie Center (Eni SpA) in Milan, Italy, on the catalytic applications of porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials from functional silsesquioxanes. In 2004, he returned to the ITQ where he has since worked in the field of multisites hybrid materials, layered solids, nanocomposites and biomaterials with a particular focus on the effective covalent combination between organic and inorganic structural components.
U. Díaz has more than 30 papers and 10 patent applications on different aspects of inorganic, organic and materials chemistry and he has been Chief Investigator in regional, national and European projects. In 2010, he was awarded with the VI Idea Prize in Technology from Generalitat Valenciana.