Díaz Cabañas, Mª José

Tenured Scientist (CSIC)

Email: mdiazca@itq.upv.es

Dr. Maria Jose Díaz Cabañas studied Chemistry in the University of Valencia and, after some years working in the industry, she received his Ph.D. from the Universitat Politècnica de València (1999). She got a postdoctoral fellowship from Iberdrola (1999-2000) in the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ) with Professor Avelino Corma and later she continues working in the ITQ until 2003 when she reached a permanent position in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Since 2007 she works as Research Scientist in CSIC.

Her research is focused in chemistry in the area of synthesis of microporous materials as catalysts important to industry to develop new products and to improve oil refining. Her work includes the synthesis and characterization of microporous materials, mainly zeolites. Besides to participate in several projects, she has worked in collaboration with companies as ExxonMobil, BASF, TOTAL, IFP, Albemarle Catalysts and TOPSOE.
Her main working areas are:

– Synthesis and characterization of new microporous materials
– Development of High-Throughput techniques applied to the synthesis of zeolites
– Synthesis of microporous materials at room temperature in biomimetic conditions.

She has published 70 papers mainly in Journals of high impact factor, among whom stands out 3 papers in Nature and 1 in Science. Besides she is coauthor of 28 worldwide patents, some of them transferred to companies.

She is member of the Spanish Society of Catalysis (SECAT) and the American Chemical Society (ACS).