Influence of pretreatments on commercial diamond nanoparticles on the photocatalytic activity of supported gold nanoparticles under natural Sunlight irradiation

Influence of the irradiation wavelength on the photocatalytic activity of Au-Pt nanoalloys supported on TiO2 for hydrogen generation from water

Composite plasmonic gold/layered double hydroxides and derived mixed oxides as novel photocatalysts for hydrogen generation under solar irradiation

Isolation and X-ray characterization of palladium-N complexes in the guanylation of aromatic amines. Mechanistic implications

Superior performance of Fe(BTC) with respect to other metal-containing solids in the N-hydroxyphthalimide-promoted heterogeneous aerobic oxidation of cycloalkanes

Doped graphene as a metal-free carbocatalyst for the selective aerobic oxidation of benzylic hydrocarbons, cyclooctane and styrene