David Catalán Martínez and Rebeca Martínez Haya, ITQ students, have been awarded the Extraordinary Prize for Doctoral Thesis from the Polytechnic University of Valencia

The Polytechnic University of Valencia has awarded the distinction of Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award to David Catalán Martínez and Rebeca Martínez Haya. David’s thesis entitled “Development of electrocatalytic layers and thermo-fluid dynamic evaluation for high-temperature membrane reactors” directed by Prof. José M. Serra has resulted in 6 publications in high-impact factor journals and 2 patents. Rebeca’s thesis entitled “Photoredox catalysis for environmental and chemical applications. A mechanistically-based approach ”has been directed by Prof. María Luisa Marín and Miguel Ángel Miranda and has led to 12 publications in magazines with a high impact factor.