February 11 – International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science to be held on February 11, the ITQ has organized, in collaboration with different schools, institutes, and the initiative 11defebrero.org, a number of talks and workshops aimed at students of ESO and high school.

In this event, 17 researchers will give 13 talks and different workshops in 22 schools and institutes all around Spain, with the objective of showing a total of approximately 2000 students the possibilities that scientific and engineering careers can offer to women, making visible the work of scientists women and offering women models as reference for their future.

The talks for this year are: C. Segarra “The 5 women Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Fun in the laboratory “; C. P. Galdeano “Why science?”; C. Anaya and O. Rodríguez “I · lluminat”; E. M. Gross-Sánchez “Wonder Woman”; E. Segura Sanchis “The role of women in science and my experience as a scientist”; M. Ventura “Women, Chemistry and Sustainability”; M. Feliz “Inspired by the design of materials aimed at industry and green chemistry”; M. Puche “Women and science”; N. Bausá, S. Escorihuela and F. Tolrá “The scientific woman”; P. Concepción “The role of science and chemistry in today’s society”; R. Adam and E. Vengut “Chemistry in action”; S. Remiro “Scientists in history. Trajectory of a researcher and professional opportunities in the field of science “; and M. Boronat “L’ofici de investigaador / a”.