H2 and Proton Conducting Technologies by H. Matsumoto y L. Kwati: 4th October

9:15 –10:00Overview of SOFC and SOEC with proton-conducting oxides” Prof. Hiroshige Matsumoto, KyushuUniversity, Japan

9:00 –9:15 Welcome and eCOCO2 projectpresentation Prof. José Manuel Serra, Energy Conversion and Storage Group, ITQ

10:00 –10:45Development of highly effective proton ceramic electrolysers” Prof. Kwati Leonard, KyushuUniversity, Japan

10:45 –11:15 CoffeeBreak

11:15 –11:45Microwave-driven direct production of H2and chemical energy-carriers” Prof. José Manuel Catalá, ITACA

11:45 –12:15Direct electrocatalyticCO2reduction in a tubular protonic membrane 

reactor” Dr. Sonia Escolástico, EnergyConversionand Storage Group, ITQ

12:15 –12:30 Conclusionsand wrap-up