CONFERENCIA SEVERO OCHOA: «Hierarchically ordered zeolites: Preparation concepts and potential application” por el prof. Wilhelm Schwieger

El próximo día 13 de marzo (salón de actos, 12h) contaremos con la Conferencia ITQ Severo Ochoa del profesor Wilhelm Schwieger (Institut for Reaction Engineering, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) titulada: “‘Hierarchically ordered zeolites: Preparation concepts and potential application”.

‘Hierarchically ordered zeolites: Preparation concepts and potential application’

Wilhelm Schwieger

‘Hierarchy’ is a property, which can be attributed to (i) immaterial systems, such as ideas, items and organisations, (ii) materials like biological systems within living organisms or (iii) artificial, fabricated constructions. But always, the property ‘hierarchy’ is mainly be characterized by a certain ordering of the individual elements relative to each other, often in combination with a certain degree of branching. Especially in the natural environment mass-flow related systems feature such special hierarchically branched patterns with perfectly optimised structures.

Thus, this contribution will provide a survey into the world of hierarchical systems with special focus on hierarchically ordered zeolite and zeolite containing materials. A classification of hierarchical porosity is proposed based on the flow distribution pattern within the respective pore systems. According to the proposed classification, the lecture will provide an overview about synthetic and post-synthetic strategies to prepare zeolitic or zeolite containing systems with tailored hierarchical porosity. In the present contribution, the focus will be laid on both, hierarchically porous all-zeolite material on one side and on the preparation of zeolitic composite materials with hierarchical porosity capable to face the demands of potential application on the other side.