We proudly announce the forthcoming publication of the book: Metal Organic Frameworks as Heterogeneous Catalysts

Metal Organic Frameworks as Heterogeneous Catalysts

edited by Francesc X. Llabrés i Xamena (ITQ) and Jorge Gascón (TUDelft)

(ISBN 978-1-84973-572-8)

The book will be included in the RSC Catalysis Series, and will be number 12 in this series.

“This book examines the latest research and discovery in the use of MOFs in catalysis, highlighting the extent to which these materials have been embraced by the community. Beyond presenting a digest of recent research by major players in the field, the book presents the strategies behind recent developments, providing a lasting reference for seasoned researchers and newcomers to the field.” (extracted from the backcover of the book).

The book is prefaced by Freek Kapteijn and Avelino Corma, and contains contributions from some of the main players in the field of MOF synthesis, characterization and catalysis: Norbert Stock, Andrew D. Burrows, Silvia Bordiga and Carlo Lamberti, Evgeny A. Pidko, Dirk De Vos, Joseph T. Hupp, Jana Juan-Alcañiz, Wenbin Lin, Hermegildo García and Regina Palkovits.



Chapter 1.Introduction

Part A Synthesis and Characterization of MOFs

Chapter 2. Synthesis of MOFs (Norbert Stock)

Chapter 3. Post-synthetic Modification of MOFs (Andrew D. Burrows)

Chapter 4. Characterization of MOFs. 1. Combined Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopies (Silvia Bordiga)

Chapter 5. Characterization of MOFs. 2. Long and Local Range Order Structural Determination of MOFs by Combining EXAFS and Diffraction Techniques (Carlo Lamberti)

Chapter 6. Computational Approach to Chemical Reactivity of MOFs (Evgeny A. Pidko)

Part B Catalysis by MOFs

Chapter 7. Strategies for Creating Active Sites in MOFs (Francesc X. Llabrés i Xamena)

Chapter 8. Catalysis at the Metallic Nodes of MOFs (Dirk De Vos)

Chapter 9. Catalysis at the Organic Ligands (Joseph T. Hupp)

Chapter 10. MOFs as Nano-reactors (Jana Juan-Alcañiz)

Chapter 11. Asymmetric Catalysis with Chiral Metal Organic Frameworks (Wenbin Lin)

Chapter 12. Photocatalysis by MOFs (Hermegildo García)

Chapter 13. Catalysis by Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) (Regina Palkovits)

Chapter 14. Towards Future MOF Catalytic Applications (Jorge Gascón)