ITQ SEVERO OCHOA CONFERENCES 2024: Carmen Claver and Sergio Castillon, Universitat Rovira ¡ Virgili, Tarragona

On February 6, two conferences will take place as part of the ITQ SEVERO OCHOA CONFERENCES 2024 program. The upcoming conferences, scheduled for February 6, are set to occur at the Salón de Actos del ITQ  (ITQ, UPV-CSIC)


Carmen Claver
Universitat Rovirai Virgili, Tarragona

«Supported metal nanoparticles. Synthetic strategies and catalytic applications»


Sergio Castillon
Universitat Rovira ¡ Virgili, Tarragona

«Selectivity in transition metal catalysis. Pd-telomerization and Ru, Rh-phospine labelling»