First NOVACAM webinar. November 19, 2014

NovacamokPlease find below information about first NOVACAM webinar:

  • Date & time: November 19, 2014 at 9 am UK time, 10 am CET and 5 pm Japanese time.
  • The whole webinar will take about 1 hour with a short introduction by the project leader (Emiel Hensen), 40 minutes lecture (Evgeny Pidko) and about 20 minutes for discussion of the questions collected during the lecture.
  • Speaker: dr. Evgeny Pidko (TU/e) on “Mechanism of Catalytic Sugar Conversion: Bridging the Gap between Catalysis Disciplines”.
  • Moderators: Catherine Joce & Natalie Withenshaw (KTN)

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