Valencia Valencia, Susana

Research Scientist (CSIC)

Tel: +34 96 387 94 46

Susana Valencia received the degree in Chemistry at the University of Valencia in 1990 and performed the Ph.D. work at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ) obtaining the doctor degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 1997. Her Ph.D. research work was focused in the topic of synthesis and isomorphous substitution of zeolite Beta.
She is a member of the scientific staff of the Instituto de Tecnología Química where she was first incorporated with a student scholarship, in 1997 she achieved a permanent position as technician in the same institution and afterwards she promoted to the scientific staff in 2003, being currently a Research Scientist of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Her main research lines are focused in the synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of zeolitic microporous materials, as well as the study of their adsorption and diffusion properties for their use in separation processes.

She has participated in several research projects financed by public institutions as well as private companies. Her scientific productivity can be summarized in more than 60 papers in high impact scientific journals and numerous presentations in congresses, and currently her ‘h-index’ is 25. Among her most relevant publications, papers published in Nature, Nature Materials, Angewandte Chemie and JACS can be mentioned. Also, she is co-author of 23 patents related to the synthesis of new microporous materials and their application in different industrial processes. Some of these patents have been licensed to industries.