Boronat Zaragozá, Mercedes

Tenured Scientist (CSIC)

Tel: +34 96 387 94 45

Mercedes Boronat Zaragozá, was born in Canals (Valencia). She obtained her bachelor in Chemistry (1987-1992) and completed her PhD in 1999 at University of Valencia. She joined the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ) with a post-doctoral grant (1999-2001). Junior Researcher in CEAM Foundation (2001-2003) and Laboratory Research Technician at the ITQ (2003-2007). At the present she is a Tenured Scientist of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Her work is focused on the theoretical study of reaction mechanisms, mostly heterogeneous catalyzed reactions. This includes modeling, by means of quantum chemical methods, the electronic and structural properties of the solid catalysts (zeolites, metallic nanoparticles, transition metal oxides etc.), the interactions between catalyst and reactants, and the identification and characterization of the active sites involved in each reaction step, with the aim of developing more efficient catalysts. The studied reactions include acid catalyzed reactions of hydrocarbons, hydrogenations and selective oxidations catalyzed by metals, and also C-C forming reactions catalyzed by metals and metal oxides.

She has published fifty scientific papers in international journals and has participated in research projects in collaboration with companies like BP and Repsol-YPF.