• Instituto de Tecnología Química

    International reference centre in the area of
    catalysis and new materials, specially zeolites,
    and also in photochemistry

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ITQ: Second Severo Ochoa Excellence Distinction for 2016-2019

The first ITQ Severo Ochoa Program ran from 2011-2015. In 2015, the Institute was awarded its second Severo Ochoa distinction for 2016-2019.

The Centers of Excellence Severo Ochoa are organizational structures with highly competitive strategic research programmes in the frontiers of knowledge. They are among the best in the world in their respective scientific areas.

The “Center of Excellence Severo Ochoa” award, within the subprogram of Institutional Strengthening of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, aims to fund and accredit public research centers and units on any areas that demonstrate scientific leadership and impact at global level, as well as active collaboration in their social and business environment.

Jobs and Scholarships

ITQ offers contracts and scholarships that constitute an important opportunity for the professional development of applicants, and represents a world of opportunities where research and training can be done in an international and multidisciplinary environment.

The Institute seeks to encourage young people to carry out scientific projects at the highest level to become scientific leaders worldwide.


The ITQ scientists have a wide range of facilities that offer latest generation scientific technologies and services, designed to incorporate most innovative technologies. These facilities are a key asset for our research, which allows the Institute to obtain outstanding results.


Special Proyects