One-Pot Synthesis of Biomass-Derived Surfactants by Reacting Hydroxymethylfurfural, Glycerol, and Fatty Alcohols on Solid Acid Catalysts

Decisive Influence of the Metal in Multifunctional Gold, Silver, and Copper Metallacycles: High Quantum Yield Phosphorescence, Color Switching, and Liquid Crystalline Behavior

Polyacrylic acid polymer brushes as substrates for the incorporation of anthraquinone derivatives. Unprecedented application of decorated polymer brushes on organocatalysis

Bimetallic Oriented (Au/CuO) vs. Monometallic 1.1.1 Au (0) or 2.0.0 CuO Graphene-Supported Nanoplatelets as Very Efficient Catalysts for Michael and Henry Additions

Type I vs Type II photodegradation of pollutants

Gas phase heterogeneous partial oxidation reactions