PhD Scholarship

PhD Scholarship
Instituto de Tecnología Química (UPV-CSIC, Valencia)

Project: Fuel production from renewable feedstocks such as water, carbon dioxide or biomass by means of solar radiation

Efficient use and storage of renewable energies is a challenge for the implementation of sustainable systems of power supply or transportation. Harnessing solar radiation and its transformation into chemical energy, embodied in the form of solar fuels, is a compelling strategy. Based on this motivation, the candidate will develop photocatalytic materials and processes to generate chemicals of high energy content (e.g. hydrogen, methane, methanol) by means water splitting, carbon dioxide reduction, or biomass reforming. Tasks will include
design, synthesis and characterisation of inorganic nanomaterials exhibiting outstanding photocatalytic properties, elucidation of reaction mechanisms, and optimisation of irradiation conditions employing mostly simulated solar light.


  • Degree (BSc) in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering (Hons and/or top marks)
  • Completed or currently ongoing MSc degree

Application documents:

  • Full CV
  • Certification of academic record


15th January 2016


Dr. Alberto V. Puga
96 387 7805