PhD position available to work at ITQ. Deadline for applications: 15th June, 2019

ITQ (Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica, Valencia, Spain) offers a 3-years PhD studentship to work on computational chemistry studies applied to the use of zeolite microporous materials in selective adsorption of gas or liquid mixtures. The PhD work relates to a larger scientific effort, coordinated by Prof. Fernando Rey, regarding synthesis and properties of zeolites in relation to adsorption and acid catalysis using a large set of advanced characterisation techniques.

The development of computacional chemistry is largely dependent on the availability of appropriate software tools for the different tasks. The present PhD grant aims to employ proprietary software to improve the reliability of models that tackle a large number of calculations throughout virtual screening and big-data computational techniques. Zeolites are a large family of crystalline microporous inorganic solids with alumino-silicate chemical composition. The use of organic molecules is crucial for the synthesis of zeolites so that, by shape-selective occlusion, the organic molecule templates the zeolite micropore and, to a large extent, directs the final zeolite structure obtained.

Knowledge of linux and programming languajes will be an important requirement for the candidates. Knowledge of physical chemistry and computational chemistry, as well as any computational/informatic skills will be highly valuable.

Candidates are expected to have skills on: communication/exchange of ideas in seminars, taking an active role within the wider research group, prepare publications and present work at international conferences.

The present PhD will be funded within the GVA Santiago Grisolia Programme.
Requirements: Degree in Chemistry granted by a non-Spanish University. Master in Science, Engineering, or Computing.

Interested people please send cv to:
German Sastre (
Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica UPV-CSIC
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Avda. Los Naranjos s/n, 46022 Valencia (Spain)

Deadline for applications: 15th June, 2019
Contract start date: 16th September, 2019