DEMOYSEU FP7 DEMOYS– Dense Membranes for Efficient Oxygen and Hydrogen Separation

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The objective of DEMOYS is the development of thin mixed conducting membranes for O2 and H2 separation by using a new depositon technique “Low Pressure Plasma Spray – Thin Film” (LPPS-TF) in combination with nanoporous, highly catalytic layers.

LPPS-TF is a technique based on a combination of thermal spray and Physical Vapour Deposition technology. It allows the cost-effective production of thin, dense coatings on large areas at low substrate temperatures.

It is expected that, by using the LPPS-TF process, a dense, stable deposit with thickness lower than 20 micron can be obtained. This would allow increasing membrane performances while decreasing their manufacturing costs. Catalytic layers will be also applied to enhance the surface reactions becoming rate limiting for thin membranes.

Membrane performances will be assessed in pilot loops in order to meet specific targets in terms of permeability and stability at temperature.