Botella, Pablo

Tenured Scientist (CSIC)


Dr. Pablo Botella (male): graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Valencia in 1988, received his PhD from the same university in 1993, and was awarded with honors in 1994. In 2003 he was selected as a Ramon y Cajal Researcher under the supervision of Prof. Avelino Corma at the ITQ, and in 2007 he was appointed as a CSIC Research Scientist at the ITQ.

He has been a Visiting Professor of the University of Vermont (VT, USA) in 2013. He coordinates the Nanomedicine Group at the ITQ, addressing medical nanoscale-structured material and devices for targeted delivery and controlled release of drugs and other biologically active agents. Special interest is dedicated to the development of organic-inorganic nanohybrid-based stimuli-responsive systems, as well as stable radioactive nanoparticles for enhancing diagnostic imaging. Also important in his research is the study of the immune reaction and protein corona formation after nanoparticle systemic administration, as well as its application to new cancer biomarker detection.

He has written more than 70 articles in high impact Scientific Journals and numerous presentations in congresses, with an “h-index” of 32 and is co-inventor of 10 patents, three of them related to a more environmentally benign industrial process currently used in a demonstration plant.